Group Introduction

 Xinlongda Shenzhen Xin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in November 27, 2006, the registered capital of 21 million. Is an independent research and development, production processing, the export of professional mobile phone manufacturer synchronization, and access to mobile phone manufacturing licenses, the annual production of 300 million mobile phones.
Xinlongda  Communications Headquarters has a staff of 160 people, is a young knowledgeable management team. With a strong sense of innovation and the pursuit of sustainable development professionalism. Xinlongda  depth of research and development company has been at the core, fine production, based on excellent service to security, to ensure product quality. To provide consumers with good products, build their own brands.
Xinlongda  company has its own processing plant, more than 1,500 employees, the entire production line had 500 people, the daily production of mobile phones more than ten thousand units. From independent research and development to product Baishangguitai, production for sale, this one-stop business model, so that we can in a highly competitive market flexibility, and remain invincible. 
Sincere cooperation and common development, based on quality is our company philosophy. Have long-term partner, a good supply and demand.
Xinlongda  company has sales and service network and extensive sales network, in 2000 we set up a foreign trade company manager, in foreign countries have their own stores. This is our current Xin Lunda company has laid a good foundation. The efforts of all staff, and all my colleagues in support of the company determined to become a professional international mobile communications equipment manufacturers. Xinlongda  will fight the mobile communications one of the most influential brand for the Chinese national communication to contribute their efforts.

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